Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Dreadfall Days

Way back in early 2007 I went to Ohio for a Cypherlox Hair shoot.  It was so cool she had all of us girls travel to her apartment for a weekend to have fun and model for her site.  I was able to meet these cool girls from the Myspace days.

thats me with Jen Doll and Triple Six

Im a fresh 20 yr old haha.

we were on our way to some goth club to watch Margin Of Error play

group photo from the shoot :)

this was from my bedroom at my parents.. black walls/red ceiling.  I was such an Emily strange fan when I was 16.

^ nothing to do with dreads but this is a funny photo. haha

I only bought my falls through this site.  She is amazing and such a sweetheart.  BUY THEM TODAY!!

** **

First art Exhibit in LA and Hello Kitty Event at Sephora

** Sorry for the poor picture quality but its what I could find at the moment. **

This was my piece I made to demonstrate Line work.  She currently resides in my bathroom O.o

These are my acrylic/watercolor paintings of fetish women.  I'll try to grab better shots in the future.
But you can see my outfit.  I tried to match my Head piece I made to fit my theme.  I miss this style :)


Me with Hello Kitty!

me and laura!! she is the greatest!

These were my souvenirs from the Event.  The designer of the Hello Kitty Line at Sephora signed my bow and drew me the picture!!  It was so much fun.  Lolitas and cute girls EVERYWHERE!!! 

I found some outfit photos for you guys

I had found these so you guys can look and Like :)

^ This is my favorite Elvira shirt.  I had gotten it at Hot Topic on clearance about a century ago and it had faded after one wash.  So I ripped it up and made it look way better.  Now it fits looser and looks awesome!

My Docs and some legwarmers.  These have been through all the hard times with me.

^ I saw these leggings and HAD to HAVE them  ::MINE:: ^

^  These two are one of the COOLEST finds ever from the Second Hand store.  SCORE!

Me after the Beauty Culture Exhibit.  Very cool, wish I was able to take photos.

I made these pants.  Im at Universal Studios.

Im year of the Rabbit. 

I saw the Tim Burton Exhibit back in October.  It was too cool.  I saw Edward Scissor Hands costume in FULL detail from the movie.  I even saw the stroller for penguin and Cat Woman's suit!!  I wish I was able to take Photos!!! 

^  My new kitty ring  ^_^

I can look grunge.  mostly all the time.  ;)

Monsterpalooza 2012 LA

I went to Monsterpalooza this year because my boyfriend was modeling for Bone Yard FX.  It was soo much fun, I even saw some of my friends from school and my old instructors from Cinema Makeup School.  I would love to go again.  It was pretty much awesome horror effects and lots of memorabilia. 

Me and My man, so hot!  ( I have fake glass stuck to my face )

it took two hours to put on and about an hour to remove.  He was soo sticky after haha

I was able to see the creators of the Clowns and creatures from the movie Attack of Killer Klowns from Outer Space!!

This was taken on the 14th day after Friday the 13th haha But I love this!

me being lame infront of this cool Halloween Herse.

Larry Bones and his assistants for Bone Yard FX!

** **

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is Work day

This Morning I made myself some Greek Yogurt + fresh Mango + granola mix.  The plate its on was from a Friend who bought it at a 99cent store around Easter.  Then I packed myself my lunch and dinner for work along with some snacks.  Ahh I hate when I have to spend majority of my day at work because it causes me to eat a late dinner.  But my salad will be light enough if I have to eat it at 10pm. :)  But I love my job so I guess its just a small complant...

This is my eye makeup for the day.
I used a Guerlain duo eyeshadow with gel pigment pallet. Too Faced eyeliner in black and some YSL Shocking Mascara.  Liquid eyeliner in Black.

Thats my Lunch Bag.  Its so cute, looks like a purse.  It even has insulation to keep things cold or hot.  My old neighbor gave it to me. <3


Long Lost Pale September Shoot

Deet shot this for me, most of them are in my USB, but here are a few good ones I had saved to the computer.  Ill post more sometime in the future.
I really like the way the colors and saturation look.

I look so sun kissed and glowy

super saturated lovely.

I found Photos from my Purple, Blue, White hair days

So, last July/August I had dyed my hair all purple with white, blue and black pieces.  It was super fun and pretty but way too hard to maintain then planned.  I felt very Anime with this style.

My nails to theme my hair

anime buns!! ^_^

every blue moon I give myself these shaved stripes.. I think before this I had them back in 2008

My feathered Flare

Last time I ever return to Sinister.

In Little Tokyo, LA