Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is Work day

This Morning I made myself some Greek Yogurt + fresh Mango + granola mix.  The plate its on was from a Friend who bought it at a 99cent store around Easter.  Then I packed myself my lunch and dinner for work along with some snacks.  Ahh I hate when I have to spend majority of my day at work because it causes me to eat a late dinner.  But my salad will be light enough if I have to eat it at 10pm. :)  But I love my job so I guess its just a small complant...

This is my eye makeup for the day.
I used a Guerlain duo eyeshadow with gel pigment pallet. Too Faced eyeliner in black and some YSL Shocking Mascara.  Liquid eyeliner in Black.

Thats my Lunch Bag.  Its so cute, looks like a purse.  It even has insulation to keep things cold or hot.  My old neighbor gave it to me. <3


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