Thursday, May 31, 2012

First art Exhibit in LA and Hello Kitty Event at Sephora

** Sorry for the poor picture quality but its what I could find at the moment. **

This was my piece I made to demonstrate Line work.  She currently resides in my bathroom O.o

These are my acrylic/watercolor paintings of fetish women.  I'll try to grab better shots in the future.
But you can see my outfit.  I tried to match my Head piece I made to fit my theme.  I miss this style :)


Me with Hello Kitty!

me and laura!! she is the greatest!

These were my souvenirs from the Event.  The designer of the Hello Kitty Line at Sephora signed my bow and drew me the picture!!  It was so much fun.  Lolitas and cute girls EVERYWHERE!!! 

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