Thursday, May 31, 2012

I found some outfit photos for you guys

I had found these so you guys can look and Like :)

^ This is my favorite Elvira shirt.  I had gotten it at Hot Topic on clearance about a century ago and it had faded after one wash.  So I ripped it up and made it look way better.  Now it fits looser and looks awesome!

My Docs and some legwarmers.  These have been through all the hard times with me.

^ I saw these leggings and HAD to HAVE them  ::MINE:: ^

^  These two are one of the COOLEST finds ever from the Second Hand store.  SCORE!

Me after the Beauty Culture Exhibit.  Very cool, wish I was able to take photos.

I made these pants.  Im at Universal Studios.

Im year of the Rabbit. 

I saw the Tim Burton Exhibit back in October.  It was too cool.  I saw Edward Scissor Hands costume in FULL detail from the movie.  I even saw the stroller for penguin and Cat Woman's suit!!  I wish I was able to take Photos!!! 

^  My new kitty ring  ^_^

I can look grunge.  mostly all the time.  ;)

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