Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Dreadfall Days

Way back in early 2007 I went to Ohio for a Cypherlox Hair shoot.  It was so cool she had all of us girls travel to her apartment for a weekend to have fun and model for her site.  I was able to meet these cool girls from the Myspace days.

thats me with Jen Doll and Triple Six

Im a fresh 20 yr old haha.

we were on our way to some goth club to watch Margin Of Error play

group photo from the shoot :)

this was from my bedroom at my parents.. black walls/red ceiling.  I was such an Emily strange fan when I was 16.

^ nothing to do with dreads but this is a funny photo. haha

I only bought my falls through this site.  She is amazing and such a sweetheart.  BUY THEM TODAY!!

** **

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