Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Finds Again

Yesterday Me and Deet went around town and stopped at a Goodwill.  I found a few good items and then we found a sweet Felix Cat clock!  Only bad part its missing his tail but we thought about using something else for it.  I bought two simple shirts then this cool skirt thats high waisted and made from a weird black shiny material.  My dress is super cute on.  Perfect for summer.  Kind of reminds me of the 90's.
That drink is really good.  I tried is yesterday.  It has chewy bits in it.

This is the Clock we bought.  I think it was like $2


This was my makeup for yesterday.  The eyeshadow part wasn't to fun but I really liked my eyebrows.

^   I took these before the pant photo shoot.


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