Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun Friday

Yesterday started off good, lots of energy and ended with so much fun.
I did my makeup with this new eyeshadow pallet I bought from work.  I will be doing the tutorial of it today.  Its the Pin Up Show pallet from Sephora.  So pretty and awesome with some black liner.
I worked for a short while which was cool and then right after I headed to my friends house :)

This was my outfit for yesterday.  Leggings, Shoes, Necklace:  Ebay.  Skirt: Good Will.
I spent my night in Hollywood with some friends.  We ate some Pizza, drank Hennessy with Apple Juice, and played chess.  Im not that good but it was fun.  When I was on my way home I was hoping to see my favorite Taco Truck by my place so I could eat dinner.  BY ALL THE LUCK IT WAS THERE!! I was able to complete my night with some awesome tacos and natural coca~cola with UV Cake.  I was so Happy!!!  My Friday was the Best in a long time! :)
This was on the wall at the train station.  I thought it was pretty clever and funny.  V as a Transformer haha.  Thats pretty cool I'd say. :)
I thought this edit was pretty cool too :)

Todays plans are to film my Eye Shadow Pallet Tutorial, head back to Hollywood to see Friends, then more adventures and a killer night. Ill post tomorrow about my night and updates on my tutorial.

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