Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturn Day

Yesterday I woke up and set up my vanity room for filming.  I need better lighting for next time.  Ill take a photo of my vanity table and such sometime in the future because I want to paint the walls and add more swag to the mess of it.  Its just very cluttered right now.  My tutorial went well so all thats left is the editing and final effects.. should be posted by mid week.  I filmed with my iPhone taped to the mirror haha.

these cookies are the best.  later in the evening my lady cramps got worse and so I got me these to feel better.  didn't but they were soo good!  X)
This was what I wore yesterday.  In the left photo I was showing Deet where to go to take the photo haha.  I look funny.
Necklaces: DIY Shirt, Leggings: eBay Tank: Lip Service
Boots: Demonia  Boot Accessories: DIY
My makeup is the end result from the tutorial.

This is a clip from my tutorial.  haha this one I get really close to the camera.

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