Monday, June 11, 2012

7th Day Rest Day

And so Sunday I rested all day.  I had the worst PMS cramps I didn't want to do anything.
I drank my Favorite drink in my Favorite drinking glass.  Natural Coca~Cola with UV Cake.  YUM! and ate lots of Ice Cream and cookies. ;)
My eye makeup was a smudged mess of Sephora Collection Nano liners in: Coffee, Nuage, Midnight Black, Glitter Brown, and Kaki Green.  I'll film the instructions if requested.
They are great for the 20/30's grease smokey eye look and are perfect for a grunge look too.  It's non waterproof so it smears and smudges everywhere perfectly!  Probably my new everyday look. :)

Todays plan: ..  well, maybe cleaning the apt and planing for new photo shoot.  Lots of Coffee and snacks.  And maybe some random web cam rough edit time.  ;) we will see. <3



  1. mMmmm I've never tried UV Cake! I really want to soon, perhaps after pay day. Is there any other ways that you'd suggest to mix it? And also, who are you doing your shoot with, and do you have any concepts lined up?!?!

    You should do a video, just so we can all see the color a little better ;D

  2. IT IS GOOD! :) Well I really love Vanilla Coke. So usually its Stoli Vanil or UV Cake - UV is just cheaper. I choose natural coca cola because I try not to eat/drink High Fructose Corn Syrup. :/ The vodka itself tastes just like a vanilla cupcake, frosting, and sprinkles. well made! I would say the vodka tastes good on its own chilled but you could probably try cream soda, root beer, umm pepsi? haha its a stronge vanilla taste so anything creamy tasting would probably be yummy.
    Im just doing another photo set for an online magazine that contacted me through Model Mayhem. It will probably be simular to my last set.
    AND I DID make another video with better filming.. Im still trying to figure all this filming out. haha Its being edited and tweaked this week and should launch by mid week.

  3. AWESOME!! I'm so excited to try this yummy drink! Might have to try it with some root beer first, or maybe some cream soda... or maybe I'll throw myself a little party and try it all, haha!!

    Can't wait to see your set, I'm sure it will look amazing <3
    Getting ready to read/watch your next post now...
    You seem like such an awesome person, don't mind me while I fan-girl a little!
    :) :) :)

  4. :)) I just read this after my last comment to you. You make me feel special being my first fan haha you and I seem to have simular interests so Im sure we WOULD get along :)
    and the drink will be amazing!! haha I would love to throw down on that party!
    I will be doing the photos this friday so hopefully by Sunday I will upload them here when I send them off to the magazine. have a great night!