Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vampy Friday

I woke up and started my day slow.  I made some coffee, ate breakfast, and watched Beetlejuice Cartoons.  I planned a Photo Shoot today for an Online Magazine so about mid day I shot those photos.  :)  This was my eye Makeup for the Shoot.  I used once again my Sephora Pallet Pin Up Show with Makeup Forever Gel Liner.  Some False eyelashes and Too Faced eyeliners on my brows. 
This was some of what I wore for the Shoot.  Its pretty much all DIY and second hand goodies.  I am so excited about the turn out.  I will be editing them tonight after work so I should be able to post them here ASAP!!  It was really hot today so it felt really good to be outside.
Better angle of my eye makeup [Right]
[Left eye]

Later on after the shoot I met up with my friend Andrew and we went to the opening of the Vampira Exhibit hosted at Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery.  Im a fan of Vampira so this was something I was not going to miss.  I waited in line for over an hour and it was a 2 hour event!! Soon enough we got in and it was worth it!  It was also my first time to her Gallery.  Very cool!! Im going back next time I get paid haha.  The art was amazing and I was filmed at the Event too!
These were some goodies she has at her shop.  The face candle cries wax when its lit!! Can you believe it!! That is way too cool!!
They had this really wicked chair I needed to pose in.  This is where I got filmed.  Hopefully Ill be able to find that footage online.  I was so glad I went.  Perfect for a Friday.
 I wore Skirt: Forever 21 Shirt: Second hand Belt: Gift Shoes: Gift  Purse: Second hand
I walk a lot in LA and didn't want to be in my heels long so I wore these Black Ballet Slippers to wear when im not at the show.  I added the art to the bottoms to add more Flare.  :)  perfect to just slip on and off when im out and about dressed up.  They also dont take up much room in your purse when you put them away!
This man was outside entertaining us with his puppetry while we waited in line.

Vampira is so pretty.  I had glasses like these but they broke...
Taken from outside in the line.  haha it was threw a window.

yeah im cool

Well that was my fun Filled Friday.  I plan to have everything including tutorial ready by Monday.  I just havent been able to use my computer in a couple days because I was working a bunch and too tired.  Sorry Loves!!  Ill keep you Updated!!


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