Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alien Grunge Mood

Tutorial 2 Editing.
Friday was only editing.  Unfortunately I didn't have any time to do other fun stuff.  This is a photo to show you that tonight this tutorial should be ready.  I'm excited.  I like this video way better.
I took a pair of pants I had lying around and bleached them with crosses.  I think I'll try stencils next time.  These were a pair of Lip Service Pants.  They were just a tad boring.. haha
For Saturnday I felt like being Grunge Alien.  My Makeup is Urban Decay and Guerlain.  I used Clinique Gel Liner, Buxom Mascara, and Make Up Forever Glitter Liner.
I probably wont go out tonight because I work Noon tomorrow.  Short Shift Tonight.. Will put some goodies up.  :)

Kitty or Alien Today I felt fun!

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