Thursday, June 28, 2012

..::Wednesdays Practice and Creative Streams::..

These were my things I used for the Application.  I didn't use most of it.. Also.. that Energy drink.. I finally found one with out High Fructose Corn Syrup near my house.  It wasn't so bad.  Kinda liked it.  Although the Blue Jolt is my Fave <3

Yesterday I practiced for Makeup Competition I will enter in August.  I did my idea for Look 1.  It was a swirl, textured / tribal thing.. but it didn't quite work out as I had planned and took FOREVER!   I will edit maybe one or two photos of it..  Although I know what to do better next time.  :)  I imagined using cotton as texture and mix it with the makeup.. no! no! awful.. Maybe if I did a different look with that texture.. but with what I had going on it just looked too much and weird.  I liked my swirl idea with the colors though.
After all of that stress I walked to get pizza and then altered some more items of clothing I dont wear much.  I will end up Selling a few instead.  I just felt so creative last night.  Ill post photos of three things I made.. they are air drying right now.

Now I Must rethink my Look 1 .  Plan another day to do it . 
Today .. hmm I work in the evening so who knows before hand.  Luckily for Left over pizza - lunch will be so yummy!
Ahh just remembered I must revise my Resume and Bio for work!! 
I guess thats what Ill do.


spend today doing what you please.

I added this mid day today.  my eye Makeup.  I used a Neon green, beige shimmer, all over base color in a bright nude, and black.  Black cream liner and false eyelashes. White eyeliner on lower water line, black on the top.

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