Tuesday, June 12, 2012

VLOG for a Tuesday

I made these Hot Pants, I hope you like them!!  I love the fringe on the side

                                 I was bored this morning to I made this real fast before work.  :)


  1. YES HOT PANTS!!! I love those!
    Nice VLOG posting. Hope to see more ov those.
    I need to hop back on those myself, used to do them alot... maybe I'll re-upload some ov them. It's always awesome to see a photo come to life, makes you feel like you're really connected with the person.


  2. I feel like an idiot when I do them. Im sure it will get easier over time. Thanks for the compliment though haha I hope people still follow me ;). And the hotpants are cut leggings with sewn on creepy fabric from halloween decorations haha! I'll post more of he things I make. let me know if you do post videos so I can check them out!!