Thursday, July 26, 2012

Party Party Party DIY TOO

The past two days I had the days off from work.  It WAS SOO NEEDED!  It felt like a mini vacation.  There are lots of new changes at work.  I am soo excited for it.  We have such great product and much more to come!! On the first day I hung out with some friends all day.  We drank a little, played MK9, walked around on the Blvd, then on my way home we grabbed tacos!!  On the Second day I just went out for a walk to run a few errands.
This is by far the BEST SUNBLOCK EVER!! its super light weight,  I love the scent although its very light, and it absorbs quickly with NO GREASE FEEL!!!  you do have to shake it a bunch before you apply it. :)  But it keeps me pale! :D
I had made this shirt for myself. LOVE IT!!  I even dragged out my long lost Circle Belt I have had since I was 14.  DIY Top, Crushed Velvet Leggings, Belt, and Sweater optional.

I wore this yesterday when I was out and about running errands. It was really warm so I kept it simple.  I went to a Latin Cake Bakery then the grocery store.  I needed to grab kitty litter and some snacks for work... :/.
ALSO Those are pants I had made awhile ago and was really happy with the turn out.  They were a weird grey before but after the bleach they turned to a weird salmon orange dark color.  Wicked cool!!  I feel like Chemical Fashion would sum up the style?? I don't know I just think it sounds cool. :) Anyways...
Tube Top from Second hand store, Pants from Plato's Closet and Altered by me.
Sephora got new Face Charts for us to use so I grabbed a bunch and took them home.  I made this yesterday for work.  I hope you guys like it.  Maybe I'll do it as a tutorial..
Its based off of the Yves Saint Laurent 5 color Harmony Eyes Pallet 06.  Such a pretty green Pallet.

During my walk I stopped in a store that was half an Indian Restaurant.. Its a really cool place and its called Aladdin! :)  The last time I was there I saw this soda and wanted to try it.  It tastes kind of like powder or lotion cream taste is in your mouth.  Its kinda good I guess for being a cream soda... not bad... I think I like the Lychee version from this brand better.

So those were my past two days.  It was a lot of fun.  Today I go back to work.  Luckily its early so I get out early.. Those are always the Best.  Still time after work to have fun or go out is always awesome!
Approve of yourself and not of others.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Makeup Application Video

  Before I took photos of my eBay Items I filmed myself applying my makeup how I would everyday.  I made the look up on the spot using some or most of my Favorite products.  If you guys have any comments or questions please feel free to ask!!
Everyone enjoy their Sunday!!!

Products Used


Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Brightening Primer mixed with Smashbox BB cream Fair

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 4.5 and 1 mixed

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Ivory

Illamasqua Face Powder in 115
Illamasqua Blusher in Intrigue and Naked Rose


Too Faced Eye Primer in Candlelight

Costal Scent 88 Eye Color Pallet

Sephora Black Liquid Eyeiner
Sephora Nano Liners in Nuage and Noir BLack
Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow in 28E
Illamasqua Blusher Intrigue
Illamasqua Liquid Liner in Scribe
False Eye Lasehes and Duo Clear Glue
My video cut out so you missed: I traced my Eye Brows with NARS Eyeliner in Iceberg then went over that with Eye Shadow.


Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liner in Gash

Illamasqua Lip Gloss in Intimacy

Brushes: Random Small Brush I have had for ages and one of my favorites, bDellium Tools 714, Sephora collection Silver and Black 13, Too Faced Flatbuki

Music by: The Plastic Eulogy

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some DIY items for SALE

I created a few items and put them in my eBay store.  They are all available now!!  The link is on the Left Hand of my page or at the bottom of this post.  I hope you enjoy my creations!!  As of now they are ALL ONE OF A KIND!!

Email me any Questions!!!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Torn Shreds Friday Relax Day

I finally was able to sleep in today.  Felt really nice.  Spent the day relaxing and feeling good about having a day off from a busy week.  Later on in the day I felt really creative and made a few clothing items to sell in my eBay store.  I will take some photos tomorrow and post them here.  I hope you guys will like what I made.  It will all be one of a kind items.  I would show you all a teaser photo but im writing this while all of the items are in the washer... :/ meh haha so you will all just have to wait! ;)

I hope everyone else had a great Friday :D


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Horror Night Fright Night

Today I auditioned for Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood.  I arrived early and felt like I was inline for a concert.  Even though they didn't start for another couple hours there were about 30 people waiting already.  I was lucky enough to be in an out with the audition process and wont know what character I will be till later.  :) But I cannot wait to find out!!! This Halloween will be SO much fun!!!
When I was leaving the line had grown to over 200 people!! Man I was so glad I was early with snacks and music to keep me occupied. 

This is pretty much my 4 hours in Universal Studios today.  Waiting, fun time, excitement, crowds.
When I came home of course I grabbed some taco's from the local Taco Truck and headed home.  I am so tired and cannot wait to relax.  Kitty cat snuggles all night. <3


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looks from the Weekend

Last Friday was Friday the 13th, so I made this look to go along with the theme of the day.  It was shimmery eye shadow and liners.  I also started to draw on my eye brows differently so I'll try to show you guys sometime soon.  Way easier!! 

These are really good, and only $1. haha so good!! Mmm
I dyed my hair the other day Black and Purple... I kind of miss the Red, but maybe next time do something Red again :). Although it looks way blue in the photos, in person its more of a neon purple.  I mixed Special Effects Electric Blue and Virgin Rose together to get the perfect purple.  Then I added a row of Teal Extensions I had from when my whole head was Teal and Blue.  Those I hand made by taking Platinum Blonde extensions and hand dyeing them with Teal and Blue hair dye.
This is a side shot to show you the colors

My eye makeup the other day.  Used liquid eyeliner.
Sorry for my lack of posting, but I have been working a lot and doing way to much last minute things.  Its starting to calm down so I will get to some newness for you.  Enjoy these looks!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Aquatic Eye Makeup for your inner Mermaid

I had a request to do an Eye Makeup with no black but colors.  I choose purples and blues because they are my favorites.  I hope this is easy for you and you like it.  Feel free to ask me anything about the look!!

I used:
Too Faced Candlelight Eye Primer
Coastal Scents 88 Eye Shadow Pallet
Buxom Loud Black Mascara
Buxom Blue Black Mascara
Benefit Hervana Blush
Illamasqua Blusher Intrigue
Stila Liquid eyeliners in Curacao and Royal
**Not Shown**
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Foundation in Ivory
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Ivory
Cover FX setting powder

Brushes: bDellium Tools, Too Faced


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunshine Sunday Test Application

Today I will be testing my Makeup application of a look I thought up for the Contest.  I will be practicing on my Friend West.  Hopefully it turns out better then my last one and I will show photos!!
I have been really busy with lots of little tasks.. im so tired!  I plan to film a tutorial on Wednesday.
This makeup I will be doing today is inspired from The Copper Kid in Silver Hawk the cartoon.  haha Im also adding a few hints of my touch to it though.  Im so excited!!! 

This was my outfit and hair Saturday.  It was really sunny and hot outside.   I pulled my hair all to the side and my makeup was quite simple with thicker than usual eyebrows.  I am at the train stop heading out.  haha it looks like my tattoos are missing!!
Hair was soo big on the side.  I loved it!! may do it again.  Light lip and eye.. to hot for heavy stuff.
"be yourself, be free, be magical"