Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looks from the Weekend

Last Friday was Friday the 13th, so I made this look to go along with the theme of the day.  It was shimmery eye shadow and liners.  I also started to draw on my eye brows differently so I'll try to show you guys sometime soon.  Way easier!! 

These are really good, and only $1. haha so good!! Mmm
I dyed my hair the other day Black and Purple... I kind of miss the Red, but maybe next time do something Red again :). Although it looks way blue in the photos, in person its more of a neon purple.  I mixed Special Effects Electric Blue and Virgin Rose together to get the perfect purple.  Then I added a row of Teal Extensions I had from when my whole head was Teal and Blue.  Those I hand made by taking Platinum Blonde extensions and hand dyeing them with Teal and Blue hair dye.
This is a side shot to show you the colors

My eye makeup the other day.  Used liquid eyeliner.
Sorry for my lack of posting, but I have been working a lot and doing way to much last minute things.  Its starting to calm down so I will get to some newness for you.  Enjoy these looks!


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