Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Horror Night Fright Night

Today I auditioned for Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood.  I arrived early and felt like I was inline for a concert.  Even though they didn't start for another couple hours there were about 30 people waiting already.  I was lucky enough to be in an out with the audition process and wont know what character I will be till later.  :) But I cannot wait to find out!!! This Halloween will be SO much fun!!!
When I was leaving the line had grown to over 200 people!! Man I was so glad I was early with snacks and music to keep me occupied. 

This is pretty much my 4 hours in Universal Studios today.  Waiting, fun time, excitement, crowds.
When I came home of course I grabbed some taco's from the local Taco Truck and headed home.  I am so tired and cannot wait to relax.  Kitty cat snuggles all night. <3


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