Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A little bit of an update

First I'll set the tone with this song that I have been really into lately.  I dyed my hair about two weeks ago.  I made it Neon Purple but it looked mostly blue.  Of all the times I dyed my hair purples or blues this time my hair faded faster then ever before!  I washed it twice but either the sun or my hair spray caused it to go bubble gum pink and purple within days of dyeing..  Oh well I have never had pink hair and probably will never again but I'll rock this for a bit.
I have been into Beehive hair styles lately so I made my hair kinda big this week.  My favorite hairspray ever is Beyond the Zone flipped out.  Super cheap and it was on sale at Sally's 2 for the price of 1!! It will hold any shape style anything I do to my hair.  It does build up but my hair can manage it.  I just cant get enough of it!!
And here I am in the break room at work.  Haha I give great Makeup / Skin care advice I swear!!!  I love being able to express myself at work.  It is too great!  Although I miss my lip piercings and getting more but ill live.  Im allowed these so Im good.
I did my makeup really goth this day.  My makeup was just dark purple and black and then my lips were a purple/black lip marker with Urban Decay Lipstick in Apocalypse on top.  Very graceful today too.  ;)
This look was done with an Yves Saint Laurent 5 color Harmony Pallet #5.
I even used Sephora liquid Black eyeliner, Stila Liquid liner in Royal on the top and the white is my favorite brand Illamasqua in Intrigue.
Also, being I get an extra paycheck this month I treated myself to some Etsy shopping.  I bought this Solid lotion first.  My other goodies are on their way.  I like this lotion because Its a different pumpkin scent, light, and the lotion makes my skin feel great.  This lets me pretend everyday is Halloween :D
As said before in my posts Sephora is getting New and Improved products.  Seriously soo happy!  Their brushes are amazing!  Also lots of new makeup and accessories.  These lashes are Sephora Collection.  They are one of my favorites.  I really like the glitter on top.  TOO COOL!!
My friend went on vacation so I watched her kitties while she was away.   She left me this for watching the cats. ( I even got a huge coral reef but I lost my photo.. Its in my instagram follow at AcidLace )  I love receiving gifts that are simple but mean the world to me.  This gift was too perfect!! im probably going to add something to the shadow box but im not sure yet.
I have been planning a set of earrings for each ear to give myself a permanent look.  My new tunnels are on their way and I need to grab a few other earring like this one to put in my ears.  Its just right now I have an uneven look at it bothers me.  One ear has a black plug and the other a pink tunnel! with random earrings too. agh its a mess.
I finally had a chance to stop into this Tea Shop to get some nice Teas.  I switched to Black Tea instead of coffee... im digging it.  I bought some Precious Pearls and a Tea with some vanilla in it.  SO GOOD!!
These are one of the Newness at work and absolutely amazing.  The lipstick is called Color Lip Last and only $12.  I put on the Pure Red #19 and it stayed on for over 8hrs!  I even talked all day, drank, ate, and blotted.  This photo below is after 8hrs.  I did my star with liquid eyeliner.  Only lipstick I was able to do this too and have it last!!  I heard the glitter ones dont last as long but still this lipstick wont come off.  I recommend using a water proof eye makeup remover to get it off.

Thats about it guys.  Busy, tired, and up to the usual.  :)