Saturday, August 25, 2012

Space filled in

Last week I visited my Family and Friends back home.  It was a lot of fun.  I finally got a chance to meet my parents dog Buddy.  Then I attended my friends weekly Event called Black Mass Sunday.  Way cool!  I had the most fun in one week then I have had summed up in awhile.  It was much needed.
Also, I was able to drive my car the WHOLE WEEK!  Since I moved to LA I decided to leave my car behind not thinking how much I would need it out here.  I just take the public transit in LA... but I do miss my car.  :(  
Well here are some photos from my days there.

This was my outfit for Black Mass Sunday.
Jacket: Lip Service with added fur from an old BEBE jacket. Under sweater from Cryoflesh
Tank: H&M
Skirt: Lip Service
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Lucky find Online
Jewelry: Spencer Gifts and Hot Topic

These were taken from the Bar.  Me being silly and one of me dancing.  It looks like I'm a Ghost!!

This is my Friend Jay.  I did his makeup for Black Mass Sunday.  He wanted Slim Green haha.

This is my friend Jeanettes cat Worm.  I put the cross on his head with black eyeshadow.  :)  He is too cute!!  he was unharmed.

My friend gave me this bracelet when I visited her.  It is so thoughtful I wanted to cry.  Its an amethyst stone bracelet with a charm that has my real name and nick name etched in it.  We called ourselves The Doom and Gloom Girls in high school.  haha best friends for life! xo

When I came home I had this beautiful package waiting for me.  I bought this soy candle from Midnight Gypsy Alchemy on Etsy.  Its the Del Mar scent.  Really subtle for my bathroom.   I really enjoyed how she packaged it the most though :) really pretty and perfect.

I will be playing Dark Alessa in Halloween Horror Nights.  Its official.  I am way to excited and cannot wait to start!!!

I am working on a new project that will be up for sale next week! This is just a small teaser photo. 
I was able to grab some art things I had packed away at my parents and bring them home.  I have been so creative lately I hope to pop out some cool artwork!!

I tried my new Too Faced Smokey Eye Pallet the other day.  I really like how it feels, blends, and looks.  Ill probably use this pallet for a while.  I used the pallet for my eyes and eyebrows with the Too Faced shadow insurance.

I won the Glo teeth whitening set at work.  I am so excited to try it out.  I have wanted it for so long!



  1. Thank you! It just fades to random shades every day haha. I need to re-dye soon! XD