Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Pause in Time

To all who read my blog:
  This month is pretty crazy, busy, and hectic.  I have my normal job and on the weekends Halloween Horror Nights.  Due to being tired, exhausted, and wanting to fit in friend time.. I will be neglecting tutorials, blogging, and fun goodies for you.  I will make it all up to you soon for the wait.  Of course I will still post photos on instagram and try to blog a few things.. I am just telling you now.. Its hard to fit everything in without causing myself to feel overwhelmed.  I appreciate the people who take time to read my posts and follow my channel.
Everyone Enjoy their Harvest Moon and Halloween Month.  Stay aware, I will return with a bang!!

many X's O's with lots of ghoulish glows.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

If everybody's not a beauty, then nobody is

I attended a NARS Cosmetic training today with two other coworkers.  It was to train us on their newest collection which is Andy Warhol!  I am so excited!  I love all of it.  It reminds me of my favorite part of the early club days!  Im saving up now to buy a few items I have my eye on! :)
It was a lot of fun and I was able to meet a lot of cool people who work at other locations.  I cannot wait to create a Face Chart for the launch of this collection.  Best part being a huge Debbie Harry fan our Face Charts for the event is HER FACE!! SERIOUSLY the coolest thing I heard/saw today! It will be exclusive to Sephora this October!

Here is a sneak peak at what we talked about today.  I was able to see all the new products and play with them.  They represent Warhols art work and have quotes from him on the mirrors! <3 We did exercises and watched videos on the different Makeup looks.  Such an awesome experience!  I definitely will buy the Debbie Harry pallet. (comes with a look book too!)

At the end of the day they handed out these small NARS bags filled with gifts that were super chick. ^_^  It even magnetically closed!  Its a Laguna Illuminator and New Lover Velvet gloss lip pencil.

My outfit for the training is:
Hair piece: DIY
Shrug: Hot Topic 2004
Tank: Wet Seal
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt:  Borrowed from my Guess dress
Thigh Highs: Internet
Shoes: Qupid Luxe 

^ My brushes and Brush Belt from work.. in case you wanted to see.. O.o

I see Game Informer magazine published a bit about the maze I work in.  Hope there is a crowd of fans to see the maze!!!
Starting Sep. 21st!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scary Time

I did my make up and hair like this last week.  I love how the red eyeshadow makes my eye color look.  I only used black and red eyeshadow from Makeup Forever.  My hair was using a synthetic dread as a head band.

The other night I did a New Moon Cleansing Ritual.  I burnt cone incense for purification and cleansing on my hand made alter.  You can make your own with whatever you like.  I like to pull personal items for best results.  I am a Pisces and do believe I am a Water Being so I used shells and coral I had from Belize and Bali.  Then I sprinkled personal herbs for the cleansing with purple sand and glitter.  In my bath I had a hand made herb/oil sache made personally for this bath from a good friend.  After it had been steeping, I relaxed in my bath till I felt my meditation was complete.  Once I was dried off and ready for bed, I applied a Voodoo Cleansing Balm to my chest and arms and passed out for the night.   I feel much better and clear headed! Well worth it.  I logged my thoughts, experiences, and dreams in a Book of Shadows for further determination of my life pathway and goals.  This also aids in clearing the mind on its own.  Its easier to understand what your subconscious self is trying to tell/show you. Also, thats a candle I bought on Etsy.  Smells like Witches Brew.  EEKK SOO HAPPY!! I NEED ANOTHER!
sites to buy some great Quality Wicca/Spiritual items:
my candle from here:

This is a hand made soap smells like Amber and French Vanilla.
Awhile ago my friend gave me some of this Renaissance pattern Fabric from the 70's.  I plan to do something super cool with it soon! 

Then lastly, yes me with the blood on my face.. I had a great dress rehearsal at Halloween Horror Nights!  This weekend starts the season for the public!! I am so thrilled!  It is VERY TIRING!!!  BUT on the bright side - I get to be gory every weekend of October, Scare the Hell out of you, and get paid doing it!!! hahaha!!! :)

Now is the end of days and I am the reaper!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Garments and Rouge

A week over due update and still more to say!  I have been busy with my normal job and now for Halloween I will be at Halloween Horror Nights this year in the Silent Hill Maze in Hollywood, CA.  I am so very excited!!  I cant say much more because of copyright things.  I get asked if I am doing the makeup but personally I really wanted to do something really cool for Halloween.  Being a part of HHN is going to be a blast.  My first year there and probably wont be the last...

Here are a few looks I wore around the house or out and about. 

Tube tank with over shirt on top.  Modified by me.

I kept it simple because we had a hot heat wave!  Black vampy tank made of black satin and lace.  Black velvet pants I have had for a serious long time.  My favorites!!
Linen dress for lounging at home.  Day off that day :)

Grey ribbed tank with Black Skort.  Super light weight.
Design using Sephora collection liquid Eyeliner in Black Noir.

The bracelet was given to me from work.  In October Sephora Launches their Cinderella Collection so we get to wear these to support the event and be themed out :)  I hope they do Aurora or Ariel soon.  I love those two. 

I wore this outfit yesterday to HHN Rehearsals.  My boots are Doc Martin Circa 2005 Air Wair steel toe.  They have been through my own hell and back!  I love them so.  The Band is The Plastic Eulogy.  Buy his albums or download for free at

Have a awesome week!!

Sea side X's and O's

Monday, September 10, 2012

swirled in the blackest of blacks

I hand painted these shoes.  They took a while but I love how they turned out!  Super cool and very unique!  I even have another shoe idea that I plan to start in a few days.  So very excited!

I even added a few other things to my eBay shop.  I hope you guys enjoy my items.  These were items I no longer wear and want some one else to rock them out!! ^_^

Click here to buy my lovely things!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beauty Ritual

  I often get asked what I do for my skin.  Many people don't know but there is a special unique skin care routine for everyone.  You just have to find what works best for you with the products that are on the market.  I work at Sephora so most of the time I buy my items there.  So I thought I will just put it here for everyone to see. :) I'll tell you what I do for myself and maybe you can go from there or use mine to help find yours.  First you need to know your skin.  For me I have very dry skin.  But there are Oily, Combination, and Sensitive.  After you know that you will be able to find what works for your skin type.
  I use lots of different products so I switch it up every so often. And I use a lot of ant-aging products because those deliver more moisture then a regular one.  I will show you my steps with what products I used.  This is pretty much the steps I do every day but I will admit I get lazy and will sleep with my makeup on or just not feel like washing my face and just leave it.  I do see the consequences though of an occasional break out. Haha so my skin isnt perfect. :) but here you go:

** I **
Sephora Collection Waterproof eye Makeup Remover.  This loosens and gets most of my eye makeup off.
Ole Henriksen Truth to Go wipes.  I use these during travel or if I am super lazy and want to just wipe my makeup off fast.
** II **
I own a Clarisonic Plus so I use that everyday.  TRUST ME, MAKES A DIFFERENCE! worth every penny I swear !
Shiseido White Lucent Brightening cleansing foam - I love that line from Shiseido.  I try to use some of the creams too when I get the chance.
Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser - Amazing.  I love the Black line from Boscia.  Its pretty much a ment to be Goth skin care line.  All black and lightens the skin. haha
First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - all natural and gets even my waterproof makeup off.
REN Micro Polish Cleanser.  Great for twice a week scrub.
** III **
Treatments I do once or twice a week.
[I do a lot of brightening treatments which is just personal preference.]
REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Ole Henriksen peel System
Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel
Boscia Black Peel Mask
Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment for my occasional breakouts.
** IV **
Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced wrinkle treatment.  This is the most amazing instant gratification thing I had ever used.  It is seriously something I cannot do without.  For young skin it de-puffs and brightens.  Older it does the works for your skin.  SUPER hydrating! must have!
AmorePacific Rejuvenating Serum
PM ONLY serums and mask:
Murad Active Radiance Serum
Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Sleeping Facial
AmorePacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Masque
** V **
Gels and Creams
Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel
DermaDoctor Wrinkle Revenge Facial Cream
Korres Wild Rose 24-hr Brighten/hydrate Cream
Hourglass No. 28 Serum - So luxurious!
** VI **
Eye Cream:
AmorePacific Moisture Bound Eye Complex.  This so far has been the best eye cream I ever tried.  it de-puffs my eyes within minutes!
My Ice Mask thats little plastic beads instead of frozen gels..
** VII **
Sunblock!! I do use this everyday because I tan way to easily and I live in California so it is sunny all year round.. Also since I use a ton of brighteners and peels my skin will be damaged far easily from the sun without protection.  I prefer Shiseido SPF 60 PA ++++.  Smells super good and actually works.  And it isnt oily or greasy.
Murad Essentule C Day Moisture SPF 30 PA +++.  I use this one on my face because it soaks in fast and wont interfere with my makeup application.

Also, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Concentrate is the most hydrating thing for my body.  I use it mostly at night and on my feet/hands.  Its also great for healing tattoos because its all natural and fragrance free.  Its even cheeper too then most tattoo goos.

  Those are the steps.  It will probably stay the same or I'll add in newer products.  Its nice to have a variety because I know my skin will become habit and my products may not work the same any more..
I hope it answered questions or helps you find your skin care ritual.  Feel free to ask me any questions.  I know a little about skin care and what products to try.  If its serious I do recommend going to a Dermatologist.  I just know basic things.

And remember .. beauty is skin deep so no makeup can solve a skin problem permanently.   So take care of it and treat it well :)  Here is a great Facial Massage to do at home and when your putting on your treatments.  :)!! Its so enjoyable. <3

x's o's

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elixers of Magic

Incase you may not have known I switched to Black Tea instead of coffee.  It was choice I made solely on the fact coffee wasn't working and made me feel like crap.  (I am a person who enjoys caffein..)  I did notice a difference and it allowed me to be more clear headed.  I did some research and of course first thing to pop up is of course tea is better then anything - no really, who doesn't know -  but aside from all the obvious facts I saw it gave you a more clearer, longer affect of alertness or being awake.  It even promoted a better start to you day.  Plus I had been lately making my coffee horrible till I just made it to make it..  BUT if I am ever in a place where they make coffee the right way as in authentic style or historically correct.. Hell yeah I'll have a cup! - But my way just wasn't working so I had to switch.  Also, to add to it I try and avoid energy drinks or anything with High Fructose Corn syrup... you'd be surprised at how much and what type of food its in... -
  I found a few great places to buy my tea.  In my search I was told about these Ancient teas and Chinese miracle drinks from this one store out here in Los Angeles. (but I am sure I will find more out here) Its called Dragon Herbs.  Luckily, for all of you they ship online and I highly recommend you try this place.  They have vitamins, teas, drinks, all sorts.  At the store they do consultations and all sorts of goodies to help cure aliments, stress, or just to come and have an awesome cup of tea.  
  I bought the Healers tea which comes in a pre made tonic retort pouch in which you would dilute it with some water. And the Pearl Powder Vitamins (haha they make me think of a mermaid vitamin ;)).  I want to try a few other products like the Beauty Elixer and Vitamins.  
  *This place is for those who want something that works on a natural remedy scale and isn't afraid of the natural feeling from the herbs.  I love this place and love that it is all authentic tea brewing, sells only the best products, and they have reasonable prices.  :)

                   Dragon Herbs Website       <--- For Magical Elixers.
                    CHADO                      <--- For normal teas and cute tea room.
                       Teavana            <--- Old stand by from my teens..

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Video, And Pictures!! OOgLe!!

Too Faced Smokey Eye Tutorial

I filmed it differently then my other videos.  I am still getting the hang of doing these, and I liked how it turned out aside from my minor mishaps and flow of things...  I think I may like this way, im not sure.  But there it is. my Newest video. <3

This is what I wore on my video.  It was hot in my apartment and it fit my makeup look.  Its a DIY bra with a Hot Topic brand corset fishnet top.  Then a DIY Scarf thing.

These are some old sketches inside one of my sketch pads.  Era 2008.  I hate sketching because I am my worst critic.  Something about it versus painting I find so hard.. but I will get back into it again..

Two eye Looks I did during the week.  I made my eyebrows into Fishes and the right photo was a design from the other day.  Liquid eyeliners were used.

These coffin earrings arrived the other day.  They are really cute.  I wish they were a bit longer though... I love that they are black acrylic, feels amazing!

my oh so goth photo with my large cross earring. 

I finally bought this shirt.  I have wanted it for soo long!! I really like Yves Saint Laurent and thought this shirt was perfect!  Once I opened the package I altered it.  The design on the back is in a "S" shape but my photo blows... O.o

This Skelanimals box is too cute!  Its all black glitter and looks like a Bowling bag.  I put Lip Service Stickers on it and filled it with random goods and memories.  I have had this box for a couple years and am so glad I bought it when I saw it.  Just fits well with my other Vanity things.


Surprise on its way. 
By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.

Products used in video:
Smashbox Photo Finish Dark spot correcting primer mixed equal amounts with Smashbox BB cream in fare.
Stila Stay All Day Foundation in Bare 1
Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Ivory
Illamasqua blushers in Intrigue and Naked Rose
Mary-Lou Manizer AKA The Luminizer by The Balm
Makeup Forever HD setting powder
Applied with Bdellium brush 957 and Sephora brush 57, 121, and 74
Too Faced Smokey Eye Pallet
Too Faced Shadow insurance primer
Sephora Liquid Black eyeliner
Makeup Forever Black eyeliner 0L
Dior  Diorshow Maximizer lash plumping serum
Sephora Outrageous Volume mascara
Brushes used: Bdellium small eyeshadow brush, Sephora brush 13
NARS eyeliner in iceberg 
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Ransom
NARS eyeliner in Manon
Brush - Bdellium brushes 714
Sephora collection Courtesan
NARS eyeliner in Manon
Buxom lipgloss in Kaitie
brush - Sephora 26