Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scary Time

I did my make up and hair like this last week.  I love how the red eyeshadow makes my eye color look.  I only used black and red eyeshadow from Makeup Forever.  My hair was using a synthetic dread as a head band.

The other night I did a New Moon Cleansing Ritual.  I burnt cone incense for purification and cleansing on my hand made alter.  You can make your own with whatever you like.  I like to pull personal items for best results.  I am a Pisces and do believe I am a Water Being so I used shells and coral I had from Belize and Bali.  Then I sprinkled personal herbs for the cleansing with purple sand and glitter.  In my bath I had a hand made herb/oil sache made personally for this bath from a good friend.  After it had been steeping, I relaxed in my bath till I felt my meditation was complete.  Once I was dried off and ready for bed, I applied a Voodoo Cleansing Balm to my chest and arms and passed out for the night.   I feel much better and clear headed! Well worth it.  I logged my thoughts, experiences, and dreams in a Book of Shadows for further determination of my life pathway and goals.  This also aids in clearing the mind on its own.  Its easier to understand what your subconscious self is trying to tell/show you. Also, thats a candle I bought on Etsy.  Smells like Witches Brew.  EEKK SOO HAPPY!! I NEED ANOTHER!
sites to buy some great Quality Wicca/Spiritual items:
my candle from here:

This is a hand made soap smells like Amber and French Vanilla.
Awhile ago my friend gave me some of this Renaissance pattern Fabric from the 70's.  I plan to do something super cool with it soon! 

Then lastly, yes me with the blood on my face.. I had a great dress rehearsal at Halloween Horror Nights!  This weekend starts the season for the public!! I am so thrilled!  It is VERY TIRING!!!  BUT on the bright side - I get to be gory every weekend of October, Scare the Hell out of you, and get paid doing it!!! hahaha!!! :)

Now is the end of days and I am the reaper!


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