Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elixers of Magic

Incase you may not have known I switched to Black Tea instead of coffee.  It was choice I made solely on the fact coffee wasn't working and made me feel like crap.  (I am a person who enjoys caffein..)  I did notice a difference and it allowed me to be more clear headed.  I did some research and of course first thing to pop up is of course tea is better then anything - no really, who doesn't know -  but aside from all the obvious facts I saw it gave you a more clearer, longer affect of alertness or being awake.  It even promoted a better start to you day.  Plus I had been lately making my coffee horrible till I just made it to make it..  BUT if I am ever in a place where they make coffee the right way as in authentic style or historically correct.. Hell yeah I'll have a cup! - But my way just wasn't working so I had to switch.  Also, to add to it I try and avoid energy drinks or anything with High Fructose Corn syrup... you'd be surprised at how much and what type of food its in... -
  I found a few great places to buy my tea.  In my search I was told about these Ancient teas and Chinese miracle drinks from this one store out here in Los Angeles. (but I am sure I will find more out here) Its called Dragon Herbs.  Luckily, for all of you they ship online and I highly recommend you try this place.  They have vitamins, teas, drinks, all sorts.  At the store they do consultations and all sorts of goodies to help cure aliments, stress, or just to come and have an awesome cup of tea.  
  I bought the Healers tea which comes in a pre made tonic retort pouch in which you would dilute it with some water. And the Pearl Powder Vitamins (haha they make me think of a mermaid vitamin ;)).  I want to try a few other products like the Beauty Elixer and Vitamins.  
  *This place is for those who want something that works on a natural remedy scale and isn't afraid of the natural feeling from the herbs.  I love this place and love that it is all authentic tea brewing, sells only the best products, and they have reasonable prices.  :)

                   Dragon Herbs Website       <--- For Magical Elixers.
                    CHADO                      <--- For normal teas and cute tea room.
                       Teavana            <--- Old stand by from my teens..

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