Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catching up with it

Its already October 25th and IM NOT COMPLETED with my costume!!!!!!!! AGHH! I have literally no time or motivation.  Its been work, work, work, and sleep.. :'(  But I have faith I will be kick ass when I am finished.  Just doing what I can in between work and sleep..  Thats a sneak peak at what It consists of... im hand doing all of it and definitely running into those "egh this looks bad" moments.. but im pushing through!!  <3


I had ordered these candles from etsy awhile ago but hadn't received them till today!!  I thought they were lost and I had to go the post office to try and find it.. BUT! luckily when I got home today my Land Lord stopped me to tell me she had this package the WHOLE TIME!! Oh fun day!!
From Etsy Store White Magick Alchemy
I bought Samhain and Seance Scent.  She threw in extra Herbs as well ~
Some outfit thing and Makeup Blurb ;)

I am wearing The Holy Grail of all Black Lipsticks Pristine by Illamasqua.
I love that brand so much, I own pretty much everything!  I am pretty much obsessed and I love it!! haha sorry for lame excitement.. 

Shirt by - The Hause of Howe : Fugitive Collection.
this shirt feels comfortable, soft, light, and just right... it has a weird rocker look that I like too


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

gray scales

Yesterday I ran a few errands with a friend and bought some things I needed and then some random finds! :) I havent shopped in months so it felt nice :)
socks with garters, storage box, hair items, tights, shorts, and art supplies.

Below are what I decided to wear today :) Bat wing Head band and my garter socks with a dress.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Errand run and Fun outfit

Here is the octopus where I turned it into a hair piece.  Also this is my outfit for the day :)

I am wearing:
Tube dress, Slip on top
tights from rite aid for halloween
jacket lipservice with added fur collar.
Parental advisory necklace
glittery leg warmers with puffs
platform boots.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tentacle Lace

Yesterday this little one arrived! I am so excited, I love it!  I got it from Sally Synthdrome in Sweden.  Her brand is called Tentacle Lace.  I cannot wait to wear this guy, maybe tomorrow :)  Octopi are my favorite animal.  So as you will notice, I have a collection and will post a lot. haha

I took this photo yesterday, It was so beautiful out!
~ When the clouds come rolling down the mountains, home is trying to find me.. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

*rain clouds*

Yesterday when I was about to work I saw clouds rolling down the mountains.  I caught it right as it started and was able to see it fully come down and over.  I didn't get a photo but found this one that looked the closest.  At first I thought it was a forest fire but knew it was too cold for that.  But awesome part.. it rolled in the best fall weather!!  It's supposed to stay till wednesday,  I am so happy!
It was around 80 degrees then once this blanket of gloom came by, now about 68 degrees.  EEEE :)!!


Friday, October 19, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying their October so far.  My month is jammed packed with something everyday or if im free im in my bed.. watching movies with my kitty. >^.^<
This monday I have a day off and shall wake early and run some errands.  I need to pick up a few supplies for my Halloween Costume.  Also, I wanted to grab a few painting supplies too.
Ahh! And November will be full of art and fun as well.  But more on my tutorials and blog stuff.  EEEK! :)
Working HHN has been a blast so far and a good trickle of side money.  I enjoy my maze and everyone I work with.  Lots of fun!  Although it is a bit tiring and if your not safe can run yourself down.  I just drink plenty of tea, take my multi's, and try to eat.. even though I hate buying food.  :p

Thats all kitties, I must go now to work!

Xcha's and Oh's

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Burning Tears

The mail man just brought this to me!  I had ordered another Candle from Burning Tears and she threw in extra votives!  That was so nice of her.  The scent is Witches Brew.  I love that scent.  I have burned that scent for years mostly every Halloween.  Her shop is on Etsy.  She even has other great scents!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

listless in the mist

What I wore a few days ago.  Free time is being filled up with sleep.  Too exhausted to do any other hobbies at the moment. :( 

Hair chain with feathered headband.

Shirt on top of sleeved shirt.
Tops:  Hand me downs from friend.  I believe the buckle one is from Hot Topic.
Pants:  bought long ago.
Belt: Claire's
Pendulum: Etsy

Me in bed.. all week.  I am so drained from HHN because Im up most the night, then Sephora in between durning the week.  AHH Im so tired! ~.~ So I havent been having the energy or time to post outfits, film tutorials, ect....  I have plans lined up for next month though.  New surprises. :)

Tell me something creative in comments.  Lets get motivated!

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Black White Rainy Day


Outfit for today.
I threw it together the night before.. my skirt was too long and required 6inch platforms to aid in keeping my skirt dry.
Rainy Day, Lovely Day.  Wore colors to match the weather.. plus im a sucker for black and white stripes.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

milkiest of blood

I just about died when I stumbled upon this jeweler!  No doubt, I have long waited for a shop like this!!  Cannot wait till I have enough saved for one of the awesome rings!!  X) hehe


10.10 Outfit

My outfit for today.
All pretty much second hand store finds or things created. 
Hair chain, leg and arm warmers, belt, unique top.


My new hair chain I got around to wearing.  Bought it in Downtown LA.  Probably my favorite hair item for now ;)

My Makeup was The Truth pallet from Bare Essentials, Urban Decay Naked Foundation, Contouring, OCC Lip Tar, and Liquid Black Eyeliner.


On another note.. this is posted everywhere on the metro.  This just proves we given up and just dont give a shit to give REAL health facts or opportunities.  Choose less shit, weigh less : Really? no sense.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

drag my face

These are face charts we are to use at work for the month of October in theme for the NARS Andy Warhol Limited Edition Makeup Series.  Its too cool!!  I am so geeked out!

Then I was being creative with my base makeup for HHN and did different eye looks, contouring, and using different products.

Here are my eyes from Sunday.  I am going to get waterroof stuff because this is just cheap Halloween Makeup and smears everywhere!  haha but adds to the effect

Been dressing like this lately.. minus the hat.  I wear a wig at HHN so why bother with the hair. haha


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration and Princess Fun

Last week we held our Wonderfully fun Princess bash for all the Cinderella fans.  It was actually a lot of fun :)  I cant wait to throw more parties at work.

Here we had desserts for everyone and even served mini bottles of Moet!! 

I snagged a photo with the Nobelman.  haha

This is the products and my Beauty Studio!! WOO

We received crowns to wear so I took mine home the night before to personalize it. hehe.. I put little bats and a skull on it!! WHAAA~

Here is a photo of me with two of my coworkers.. :) I like how this photo turned out.
Everyone have a great week!!  I am so sore from my first three day weekend of HHN.. and I think I may be getting sick.. :(  My body feels like I was tossed with a bunch of rocks.  So all I have been doing is stretch the pain away.. bwahhh :'(
+ POSITIVE SIDE: I plan to stay just as active after halloween by doing some more belly dancing workouts again.  I been inspired from my new art project.  I have been feeling really motivated since this past new moon.  I will post some stats on my art project.  I need to get supplies first before I show info.  I am super excited!  Im finally doing what I have always wanted to do but never had the direction until now and the inspiration around me.  I am so excited and I hope others feel the same.
XoXo just do what you feel and live for yourself! xo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pop goes the fun

Alas!  October is finally here.  This is my favorite time of year.. yeah, yeah as with every goth kid.. but it seriously gives me such a boost of energy, happiness, and comfort.  I grew up where we had seasons and fall was my favorite.  Best outfits, fun, everything!  Oh I am SO EXCITED!

Last Monday it was a pleasure to meet David again from OCC Cosmetics.  Last time I saw him was at IMATS 2011.  I even got a chance to meet Courtney (one of their makeup artists) and Lou who worked with the formula.
It was such a blast having them at work with me. HaHa:)

Then as of October 1st its Warhol Inspired looks at work for awhile.  This is my first Pop Color look.  It launches in my store Oct. 7th.  Unfortunately, I will miss out.. HHN all weekend.. 

I did my eye makeup like this using the NARS Warhol flower pallet.  WOO!! Lookin' Bold!

I even drew a Warhol Flower decal on my cheek using Sephora Black eyeliner. hehe it looks cute.  And of course I added the Lip Tar lip color from OCC.  I mixed the blue and purple.  woo~

You know it.  Loser fan wears her long treasure owned Debbie Harry T when I am doing her look.  Ah  such a great collaboration. Hell Yeah!

I wore this outfit awhile ago.. Tank from Ebay, Fish Net top from Etsy, Pants from Value World thrift store.  I look angry.. 

I made this face chart for our event at work.  Sephora pairs with Disney and we are launching a Cinderella Collection.  Very modern and beautiful.. Check it out if you can!!

To kick off the fun of October.. I leave you with what I did monday night... Best movie and my favorite drinking cup.  Smooches bitches!

Im hell on heels and baby Im coming for you