Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pop goes the fun

Alas!  October is finally here.  This is my favorite time of year.. yeah, yeah as with every goth kid.. but it seriously gives me such a boost of energy, happiness, and comfort.  I grew up where we had seasons and fall was my favorite.  Best outfits, fun, everything!  Oh I am SO EXCITED!

Last Monday it was a pleasure to meet David again from OCC Cosmetics.  Last time I saw him was at IMATS 2011.  I even got a chance to meet Courtney (one of their makeup artists) and Lou who worked with the formula.
It was such a blast having them at work with me. HaHa:)

Then as of October 1st its Warhol Inspired looks at work for awhile.  This is my first Pop Color look.  It launches in my store Oct. 7th.  Unfortunately, I will miss out.. HHN all weekend.. 

I did my eye makeup like this using the NARS Warhol flower pallet.  WOO!! Lookin' Bold!

I even drew a Warhol Flower decal on my cheek using Sephora Black eyeliner. hehe it looks cute.  And of course I added the Lip Tar lip color from OCC.  I mixed the blue and purple.  woo~

You know it.  Loser fan wears her long treasure owned Debbie Harry T when I am doing her look.  Ah  such a great collaboration. Hell Yeah!

I wore this outfit awhile ago.. Tank from Ebay, Fish Net top from Etsy, Pants from Value World thrift store.  I look angry.. 

I made this face chart for our event at work.  Sephora pairs with Disney and we are launching a Cinderella Collection.  Very modern and beautiful.. Check it out if you can!!

To kick off the fun of October.. I leave you with what I did monday night... Best movie and my favorite drinking cup.  Smooches bitches!

Im hell on heels and baby Im coming for you

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