Thursday, October 11, 2012

10.10 Outfit

My outfit for today.
All pretty much second hand store finds or things created. 
Hair chain, leg and arm warmers, belt, unique top.


My new hair chain I got around to wearing.  Bought it in Downtown LA.  Probably my favorite hair item for now ;)

My Makeup was The Truth pallet from Bare Essentials, Urban Decay Naked Foundation, Contouring, OCC Lip Tar, and Liquid Black Eyeliner.


On another note.. this is posted everywhere on the metro.  This just proves we given up and just dont give a shit to give REAL health facts or opportunities.  Choose less shit, weigh less : Really? no sense.



  1. Need I say that your outfit is ABSOLUTELY stunning? The way you put it together is beautiful! You look like a character from an RPG, anime or fantasy novel!!!<3