Wednesday, October 17, 2012

listless in the mist

What I wore a few days ago.  Free time is being filled up with sleep.  Too exhausted to do any other hobbies at the moment. :( 

Hair chain with feathered headband.

Shirt on top of sleeved shirt.
Tops:  Hand me downs from friend.  I believe the buckle one is from Hot Topic.
Pants:  bought long ago.
Belt: Claire's
Pendulum: Etsy

Me in bed.. all week.  I am so drained from HHN because Im up most the night, then Sephora in between durning the week.  AHH Im so tired! ~.~ So I havent been having the energy or time to post outfits, film tutorials, ect....  I have plans lined up for next month though.  New surprises. :)

Tell me something creative in comments.  Lets get motivated!

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