Friday, October 19, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying their October so far.  My month is jammed packed with something everyday or if im free im in my bed.. watching movies with my kitty. >^.^<
This monday I have a day off and shall wake early and run some errands.  I need to pick up a few supplies for my Halloween Costume.  Also, I wanted to grab a few painting supplies too.
Ahh! And November will be full of art and fun as well.  But more on my tutorials and blog stuff.  EEEK! :)
Working HHN has been a blast so far and a good trickle of side money.  I enjoy my maze and everyone I work with.  Lots of fun!  Although it is a bit tiring and if your not safe can run yourself down.  I just drink plenty of tea, take my multi's, and try to eat.. even though I hate buying food.  :p

Thats all kitties, I must go now to work!

Xcha's and Oh's

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