Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catching up with it

Its already October 25th and IM NOT COMPLETED with my costume!!!!!!!! AGHH! I have literally no time or motivation.  Its been work, work, work, and sleep.. :'(  But I have faith I will be kick ass when I am finished.  Just doing what I can in between work and sleep..  Thats a sneak peak at what It consists of... im hand doing all of it and definitely running into those "egh this looks bad" moments.. but im pushing through!!  <3


I had ordered these candles from etsy awhile ago but hadn't received them till today!!  I thought they were lost and I had to go the post office to try and find it.. BUT! luckily when I got home today my Land Lord stopped me to tell me she had this package the WHOLE TIME!! Oh fun day!!
From Etsy Store White Magick Alchemy
I bought Samhain and Seance Scent.  She threw in extra Herbs as well ~
Some outfit thing and Makeup Blurb ;)

I am wearing The Holy Grail of all Black Lipsticks Pristine by Illamasqua.
I love that brand so much, I own pretty much everything!  I am pretty much obsessed and I love it!! haha sorry for lame excitement.. 

Shirt by - The Hause of Howe : Fugitive Collection.
this shirt feels comfortable, soft, light, and just right... it has a weird rocker look that I like too


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