Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration and Princess Fun

Last week we held our Wonderfully fun Princess bash for all the Cinderella fans.  It was actually a lot of fun :)  I cant wait to throw more parties at work.

Here we had desserts for everyone and even served mini bottles of Moet!! 

I snagged a photo with the Nobelman.  haha

This is the products and my Beauty Studio!! WOO

We received crowns to wear so I took mine home the night before to personalize it. hehe.. I put little bats and a skull on it!! WHAAA~

Here is a photo of me with two of my coworkers.. :) I like how this photo turned out.
Everyone have a great week!!  I am so sore from my first three day weekend of HHN.. and I think I may be getting sick.. :(  My body feels like I was tossed with a bunch of rocks.  So all I have been doing is stretch the pain away.. bwahhh :'(
+ POSITIVE SIDE: I plan to stay just as active after halloween by doing some more belly dancing workouts again.  I been inspired from my new art project.  I have been feeling really motivated since this past new moon.  I will post some stats on my art project.  I need to get supplies first before I show info.  I am super excited!  Im finally doing what I have always wanted to do but never had the direction until now and the inspiration around me.  I am so excited and I hope others feel the same.
XoXo just do what you feel and live for yourself! xo

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