Friday, November 30, 2012


It has been raining since Wednesday, I LOVE IT!!! its so cozy inside! I even like how it sounds outside with everything being wet.  So relaxing.  Today I am taking photos of some items I for sale.  I will be having a Closet Sale on my eBay store.  I will post everything as soon as its ready.  Tonight I work a small shift so this should be enjoyable.  New video or videos next week.  Im happy a lot of you liked it and left feedback.  I am going to do more fun things too.
By the way this morning I tried my Rockin Wellness shake.. IT TASTES SOOO GOOD!!! OHHH and you only require 8oz. of fluid for it so its not a big shake.. thats okay but stilll SOO GOOD I'D DRINK ANOTHER!! tastes like an earthy hot chocolate. :)) yummy. so great!  you guys should try!! <3

click for the yumminess! Rockin Wellness

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