Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Look Tutorial Soon!

Just filmed this Makeup Tutorial.  Its a simple eye look using a pallet of four colors and a few brushes.
This is one of Sephora's Holiday looks.  I will be editing it soon an posting it ASAP!!

I hadn't done one in awhile due to being busy with work, halloween, and stress.. but now its over and I have my ample free time again!! YAYY!! I will drink some wine and relax ;)


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  1. For the life of me Icannot find and email so Ihope you don't mind my asking here. I adore your octopus tattoos on your shoulders and Iwas wondering if you could post or send an up close shot? I love how feminine and flowy they look and to be honest id like to use your art as a concept I can build from for my own. I totally understand if you'd rather not
    -monsirot on instagram