Wednesday, November 7, 2012

this may be gone, but I still have wisdom! haha

Had this taken out yesterday.  I was so nervous!!  When he put the Novocain in my mouth I knew I wasn't going to enjoy this.  I came in thinking him taking it out was going to be an hour! haha he only took five minutes getting it out.  I mostly waited a bunch for the numbing to happen. I felt like such a baby.  It wasn't great.. it was a lot of pressure and a little sound.. no pain though, none.  And I felt weird seeing/feeling him stitch me up.  I felt oddly like a doll or creature.  I'm glad it was only 5 MIN!!!!  other wise.. no I was about to say never mind, I'll deal. 
It was hard to eat and drink, but I purposely sleep all day because I wanted real snacks but felt awful.  Today being a new day, I am mostly sore then anything.  Will say eating and drinking are less weird.  But must be the swelling going down or the healing taking place, I notice the stitches more now then yesterday and its kind of annoying feeling string in my mouth.

Have a great Mid week.  Im going to eat a Popsicle and enjoy a Movie.
OoOooeeyy ggooOooey cheese pizza later... oh!! :)

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