Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rockin' Wellness

A few weeks ago my friend told me about this shake.  She said one glass in the morning is all you need to get everything your body needs to survive and stay healthy.  Then you would eat your normal lunch and dinner.. but this way you wont crave as much or want to eat crappy food. haha
I have noticed many have been posting their work out things and food they are eating... so here is another post about how I will be healthy and such. hehe
I only want this because I do eat bad and I want to eat well.  I ordered my bag a few days ago.  Hopefully it will make a difference in my mood and well being. 
I usually have little money to spend on groceries so I tend to grab and go, eat from marts, and random stands... eghh!  That needs to stop.  I hope to invest in a new way of saving money but eating well!  I'm on my feet a lot so working out isn't my priority, just the eating.
So I think this will be like my breakfast with some fruit then my lunch and dinner will just be something I will make for myself to bring to work or eat during the week... and finally buy my crock pot! yay

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