Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stand By

.. I have been trying to edit and work on my video tutorial but the program likes to quit and not work properly... my be my old lap top or just a problem with my program... I have no idea.  Basically Im trying to say is: My video will be up shortly but not as soon as I had hoped.  Im filming another one today, so hopefully maybe both will be up around the same time...

Yesterday I organized my vanity area and FINALLY all my body jewelry... I never knew I had such a variety.  I think Ill be putting more in and getting more done :) SO pretty.  Also, went to the Beauty Supply store to buy some cheap hair goods.  Bought some volume powder.. hopefully it blows my mind!!!
I'v been enjoying my new incense too.  I buy bulk off of eBay and let me just say SO EASY AND CHEAPER then buying at random places. ..

Yeahhh... 10am now, ready for some breakfast and some Chai Tea... :3

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