Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beetle Stripes

Sweater: DIY
Dress: Guess?
Tights: H&M
shoes?? not shown.. haha you bet rain boots!!!
ill post those funny things later.. haha 
Today was rainy but not as cold as it has been.  I felt like dressing up a bit so I threw on this outfit.  I was worried I would be slightly uncomfortable but it was actually pretty comfortable.  It was probably the material I bet.  I never bought tights from H&M till now and man.. they feel waayy better then the ones I was buying at the drug store. HA!
  Work today was super busy, first day of December!!! and everyone is going shopping crazy!  not me though... im too broke for that. haha  

Makeup today was random.. no thought of anything.  
Brown and Purple shadow - Illamasqua
Liner HAvoC from Illamasqua
Lashes from Naimies
Brows traced in Dior Grey Waterproof liner and YSL Shadow on top
Sealed all in with Setting powder and spray

Last outfit photo.  Woot!!

21 days.... dun dun dun.

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