Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hand Made Jewelry

    On Wednesday I didn't do much but sit around and do little things.   I have a box full of jewelry and charms I had aaallllllwwwwaaayyyysss ment to get around to organizing.  Just recycle old and make newer jewelry to condense and save space.. like put three or more fave necklaces into one.. yeah.  Then I just played phone games till I went to bed.  Every hour or so I can feel my body get sicker... im just not feeling well at all.   I just feel achy and cannot breathe.  so Im just being a little ball of sluggish bleh.

Old rosary with added protection stone with a rusted cross I found on the ground last summer.

This is a Drape Necklace I added more charms too.
This is my favorite because of the charms.

Old ring with paint and glued on cross.

I made the chain and then added the charm I had for ages..

It felt good making these.  Now I cannot wait to wear these around.


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