Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday sweater and some gifts :3

This is a hand me down sweater from a friend.  I adore it very much.  Very Christmas/winter themed.  its a zebra print furry/fuzzy sweater.  anndd its even cut in a fun shape.  Oh so pretty!!!

I wore it today with some cozy leggings, knee socks and boots.

Makeup was oooh so simple.. practically none.  I have been doing a new Skin care routine and very pleased with the results that I have only been wearing a Tinted Moisturizer.  :3  I only have macara and a little eyeshadow.  two colors. null eyebrows. I like it better that way.

This is a Gift I got from a friend.  its a personalized phone charm with my name.  So pretty and cute :) hehe

Got this today as well.. something I haven't tried yet.  I hope it works well.. maybe will show you the results soon.


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