Wednesday, December 26, 2012

my christmas

Christmas was full of excitement.  I video chatted with my family in the morning and opened the gifts they mailed to me.  I FINALLY HAVE A CROCK POT!!! I'm so excited to cook a meal in it.  I already bought some ingredients for a stew.. yum!
  My brother bought me a pretty dress! I want to wear it but its more of a summer dress and its too cold right now.  And I even got this all seeing eye ring and amethyst pendulum necklace!  Oh so cool!!  BUT BEST PART: A TRIP TO VEGAS!!!! I am sooo excited for that!! my boyfriends parents are treating us to a long weekend with them out there.  SO many great meaningful presents this year!!!  I feel so loved :)
  I worked a few hours too to help them out.  Yes my store was open on Christmas haha.  Then I came home and fell fast asleep.

SO tonight, more rest for my sick body. BUT FEEL AS IF IM GETTING BETTER!! so hopefully more adventure in the new year ;)!! aka next week.

 xoxo `M'

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