Saturday, December 29, 2012


Its Saturday.. my last two days went by in a flash.. I am so tired and still not well.
* Yesterday I went to the dentist. blehhhhhh... nothing to exciting there.. then rushed home to put ingredients in my slow cooker.  thheenn Rushed to work! ( it was even super busy there. all day) I was so go, go, go till I got home.
my first stew in my slow cooker.. was alright... I added too much rosemary by accident .. :( aghhhh but thats what I get for rushing. :(

Today its RAINY.. Rainy.. and I wish I could just stay home all day.

< this is my dress I got for christmas from my little brother.. it is so pretty and it feels so comfortable!

Charm Ankle bracelet from the same friend who gave me the pendulum.  Pretty green stones with metal charms. I love it!

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