Monday, December 3, 2012

Cyber head trip Monday

Well.. Todays makeup.. egh I dont know I felt weird all day for some reason.. then again I woke up to an awful weird start soo.. It never felt okay today.  I cannot wait to SLEEP!

I used my Neutral Pallet from ILLaMASquA -- OOhooohOOOh I love that brand to pieces!
sorry Im a bit sleep deprived and typing what I am doing in my head.. haha

Havoc eyeliner.  Black Eyeliner and Liquid metal in eyebrows.

die Eyelashes False and from Naimies

Ohhh Gypsy lady today.. yes yes.. haha I braided my sides to keep them down and not puffy.. and Added head band made the look LOOK WAY DIFFERENT... o well I liked it.. BUT THEN AGAIN everything FELT weird today!

Okay so anyways.. dental appointment tomorrow followed by work.
then home to sleep and do things special for my blog and channel.. yeuppp plenty-o-time to spoil you all with photos,videos,and sales.. yess.


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