Friday, December 7, 2012

Outfit, Makeup

  Here is my outfit for today.  I got most of my tedious things done earlier in the week so today I really have nooo plans! - SOOooooOo I put this on to motivate me in going out and doing something fun :)
I layered my tights for extra warmth.

My tops: Fishnet - Etsy Vintage find : Tank/Dress - Thrift store
My skirt is from Lip Service and tights bought from H&M.

I bought groceries last night and bought a bunch of things I have never tired before.  Like gluten free pasta, hemp milk, and bottled Thai Tea..  .. Trying to not eat the poisonous food... I DO NOTICE I FEEL BETTER!!! SO ITS WORTH THE NEW EATING HABITS! :)
 - Enjoy your Friday XOXO

Makeup Below is
Urban Decay Shadow
Black Shadow
Grey Glitter Eyeliner
Matt Grey Eyeliner for Brows
Lips Sugar Lip Gloss Red tint with Gash Lip Liner
White Eyeliner.

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