Thursday, December 13, 2012


I don't know if its the weather or what.. but I have had two days off to have FUN and it turns out im not wanting to get up, im listless, achy and don't want to be bothered.. . . so no videos or fun for this week.  Hopefully I'll get over this by next week. AGH!! and tomorrow early ass dentist appointment.  Then home to drink tea and eat soup.  im over it this week. :(

Today.. well I promised so Im going... but I am heading over to my friends apartment for an Art and Drinks day.. :) so no reason to dress up im going grungy and null makeup... Hair up and out of my face.. lots of layers and jackets.  YEs.. art and booze.. although im throwing in coffee or energy drink because without that I cannot fake being well. at all.

smooches and lots of dirty breath all over you to spread my plague.


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