Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sick , Fo Realz

aghghagagaghagahhhhhh!!!!!!! Lame!!!!

I am really sick... at first I thought "oh, no big deal Im okay I just feel tired"  NOW! its scratchy throat and stuffy nose that likes to run.. oh and the enjoyable body aches too.

eghh... I had so many plans and now I am slacking. boo.

Oh and these are Black Fortune Cookies.. I arrived at work and saw them on the Break Table.. At first I was like "Oh cool Black Fortune Cookies, how neat!"  then I opened it and low and behold a dead give away they are LADY GAGA Fortune Cookies.. she sent them to us because we are selling her fragrance, lotion, and gift set. :) Cool cool.

Then I dug out this book to add in my Christmas spot.. This is a funny book but I like it.. My parents gave it to me last year haha.  

Well I am going to lay around all day.. Wash my hair later.. yes.. then nap. a lot.

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