Thursday, January 31, 2013


Eye look using Matt black, dark grey, white shadows • mascara • lashes

Yayyyy simple smokey eye!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Official Photos From IMATS LA

Here they are!!! The long awaited professional photos from Makeup Artist Magazine at IMATS LA
I modeled for EI School of Professional Makeup in Los Angeles California.  WOOT!!!

Melissa - Me - Myra
 Our group.  These lovely ladies thought up, created, and did all of this awesome work on me.  I just helped with the costume and did my own hair.  They are so Great!!!!
I had such and awesome time!!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday - cleaning day?

Today was spent pretty much drinking coffee all day.. feeling strange filming a tutorial.. its been too long! and then me and my boyfriend rearranged our apartment.  like for reals.
  Yesterday I rearranged the bedroom to let it feel more breezy and welcoming.  Its hard because I have two doors so getting the bed in a good position is limiting.  Then after that I organized my closet.  It tends to grow a carpet of clean or worn clothing/accessories.  It felt nice sleeping in a fresh new room.  I wanted to organize the living room but it was already too late in the night.  Today we rearranged the living room so there is more space and at every angle you can be apart of whatever is going on.  I may post photos another time after we paint the walls or add curtains. haha.
Then we put together a huge cart full of Good Will junk and I put a whole bunch of items on eBay.  I didn't have time to upload everything so more will be up tomorrow.
  We just got a new computer and I felt we should have everything feel fresh and new,  so we organized and cleaned everything haha everything is different.  From the bedroom, vanity, desk set up, clutter..  Now I just need a new chair and lamp for my vanity and everything would be perfect :)
  I have a vanity set up but it has horrible lighting and a un cool chair.  I may go buy one of those fancy light up mirrors... yeah possibly.  Ill post photos of it sometime soon.  im too tired now..

Thats today.. as of 7pm.  Hopefully a movie and tacos later.  if not .. tuna salad. heh.

Video will be up soon and my items for eBay are HERE ~~~ MORE ITEMS ADDED TOMORROW!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

IMATS LA 1.21.13

For IMATS LA 2013 I modeled for my friends project at the EI School's booth.  IMATS is pretty much a makeup convention where you are able to meet other artists and buy makeup/supplies.  They hold them in other locations too.  At first they were only exclusive to pro artists but now its open to the public.  Here is how my day went about.  I am still waiting on photos the Makeup Magazine's photographer took.   Maybe I will browse the internet for them... haha

ARRIVED!!! super early in the morning and my hair is done!!  I did it myself before we left.. up since 5AM!!!!  agh gimme coffee and energy drinks!!

These are the green contacts I got to keep.  They even match my hair!! so perf!

Dressing room AKA Bathroom... merg. Catsuit <3

EI School of Professional Makeup's Booth. 
I sat in the right hand of the stage.  Another person sat on the other side where they did their look.  For teams at the booth they had three hours to apply the prothetic on so people can watch, take photos, or ask questions about how they are doing the look.  Pretty much displaying and showing what the school teaches you.  Then once the time is up we walk around and another group sits down and starts their project. 
So much fun!  XXOO

This is one of their working table set ups.  Time to Begin!!!

I miss when my nails were like this ALL the time.  - but such an annoying expense every three weeks.

My glossy Porn boobs being prepped for the body paint.  Agh almost there~

COMPLETE!!I felt like a member from GWAR. haha This is the complete look.  All finished.  I was able to help with the costume and did my own hair.  I finally got around to wearing these platform boots again.  I should wear them more.. I feel like they are brand new again. haha

So after we were finished we walked around and took photos.

At the Lime Crime Booth there was Jeffree Star doing his makeup. I even saw Doe Deere <3

I even snagged a photo with Amy AKA Shrinkle of Sugar Pill Cosmetics.

Ended the day with some shopping bags, Hot wings and an experience that was so awesome!
I cannot wait to do something like this again

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skin care training : realized this didn't go through, it's an old post

Today at work!!! Yay!!
But .... It's at 7AM!!! ~ I hate waking early....
It's cool I'll be getting a small lump course on proper skin care and such. I know a little but need to know more! Haha

After, I go in for my final dress fitting for IMATS :) I can't wait to see what it's going to look like. My friend and her partner are working very hard on it.

Annd now busy, busy till Sunday!!


Soo much going on. Too much work load. Will be back shortly. Please stay posted!!! Xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2013


My apartments haunted ~~~ O.o I am rushing now to work but last night MY BED WAS SHAKING!! Weird. I thought it was from traffic outside but then it stopped and there was still traffic!!! Scary but cool!!

And another story is there is an old women in my kitchen who just keeps wiping things down and cleaning... and a little boy who comes in from the kitchen then wanders around... How I know? My clairvoyant friend told me this. She was cat sitting while I was away and experienced things.
I just experience lights turning on, bumps and sounds then now my bed shaking. Weird. Thought I would share :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Okay it's official • no computer

I am so angry! I want to cry!

I have had my MacBook Pro since 2006.. It has been through a NyQuil incident, dents, bangs, intense rendering, photoshop, memory cards full, multiple music/photoshop programs, blah blah. And now... may it rest in peace. :'(

I am saving to go to school abroad in spring and cannot afford a new computer too! This sucks and I cannot believe it decided to break down now. Egh... Well I just wanted to let you know I won't be updating as much like I used to but ill try to do what I can from on my phone. (what I am using right now)

I know this was all bound to happen cause it is old and been through hell... Ahh well I will figure something out.

--- going to drink my coffee, eat some breakfast and get ready for work. Will probably start working crazy hours. Sorry social life | take a back seat for now | I hope it all works out :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Costume fitting for IMATS LA 2013

First of all my computer is broken :'( I am so mad. I have so much I need to do and all I have is my phone.
I had a costume fitting today for IMATS next weekend. I tried on my teeth and costume. It's a CATSUIT!! Omg~ haha I have never tried one on before and I LOVE IT!! I have to buy some. Soo cool I felt like a ninja :)

Well here are a photos of today. Sorry they are huge. I'm doing this all from my phone. I will edit this later xo

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Computer down...

.... And all I have is my phone. So I cannot update till I fix it in a few. Xoxo

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Work and Bambi Killers

  Today my day was pretty much a work only day.  I worked a mid shift so there wasn't much time before or after work for much of anything.  We had some appointments so I did a few.  Here are a few snapshots of the girls I did the makeup on.  The side three were just eyes and the one on the left was a Full Face Makeup.

This is Tanya from the Bambi Killers Band.
She wanted a No Makeup Makeup Look for Auditions.
I Used:
Smashbox BB cream in Light
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil with SPF 25
MUFE Lip Liner in 3C
NARS Lipgloss in a nude cream glitter shade
Illamasqua Blusher in Tremble
MUFE Kohl Liner in Brown as Tight Line upper lid only
Givenchy Mascara in Brown
Below is my Makeup for the day
Bronzer as shadow with Highlighter color in center
White and Black liner
False Lashes and Mascara

Click HERE for Tanya's Band

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All Seeing Eye

The other day I modified these old shoes I had.  I just added fabric around the shoe with added charms, chains, strings, hair, and random goodness.  My concept was just to reuse most of the little things I had saved over the years so I wouldn't have boxes of crap laying around.  These are so kick ass!!  I am so glad they turned out awesome!

I hope you enjoy them!!

My outfit:
Tube tank from H&M
Altered shirt DIY by me
Shoes are Demonia size 5
Fur purse from Claire's

Acrylic paint, Chains, Charms, Skeleton Hands, Fur, Fabric.

Added Pisces Charm - My favorite Part. :) 

Monday, January 7, 2013


Long sleeve dress made from a soft jersey texture.
sweater from online shop long ago
pale legs adorn with legging from last video.
Today I woke up early and started my day off well.  I listened to music and meditated, then made some coffee and began making some outfit accessories.  I will show you them tomorrow.  I am doing a photo shoot with my new creations.
  In the early afternoon me and my boyfriend went for a walk and then got pizza.  <3
When we got home we checked our mailbox and I had a large envelope for me that I wasn't expecting!  My Aunt had sent me a book on manuscript because my handwriting reminded her of the curves and styles in the book.  haha how cool I didn't know my handwriting was that neat.

Our friend came by so we watched movies and played video games.
- the end.

Here is the hand made card and book she sent.  The letter says how she got this from a friend in the 60's and so she wants me to have it like a hand me down.  so cute!! Made my day!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Makeup Gems Guages

make up for a Cloudy Sunday.
Liquid liner, lilac Shadow with matt black.
Gems ~~

AND I DID SLEEP IN! YEAHHHH!!!~~ fellttt soo good!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dots and Laces

  I woke up early today even though its my day off. :/ - I needed to get a ton of things done since I have to work tomorrow.  Currently I am setting up a huge sale of clothes I do not wear any more and would like to sell so I can make room in this place AND save for my trip/schooling in spring. They will be posted on eBay and I will be adding things I made to my Etsy store. :: There will be skirts, shoes, tops, and outfits :: ** EXPECT ALL READY TO BUY AND VIEW BY NEXT WEEKEND!! ** :) 

I did my makeup and had a small photo shoot.  Ate more of the stew I made and consumed PLENTY of coffee.  cleaned/organized.  Walked to the store to get water.. and meditated.

Tomorrow I work a small shift at night so I AM SLEEPING IN!! Even if I wake up early then I'm purposely falling back asleep. IM DOING IT!

I am trying not be so stressed about money but it isn't helping.  - doesn't deserve my energy!

My makeup is a smokey eye with darkest color only on the outer most corner.  False Eyelashes and light liquid eyeliner.
Dots inspired by my dreams.

 Both these dresses are gifts.  The top is a real dress and the bottom is a lingerie dress.  I love the top dress's color the most because its a soft olive green with black lace on top.  Its even gathered on the sides to accentuate my womanly curves hehe.  But the bottom one has a form fitting bra in the design that makes my boobs look yummy hahaha! so both are great in their own way!! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

digital load

Eye makeup for today : uploaded from iPhone • ready for my two days off O.o •

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold Glamour

.. so I totally did so many awesome eye looks on clients New Years Eve at work but DIDNT TAKE ANY PHOTOS!!!! aghhh fuck that.   I looked back on it yesterday and was like NOO WHY DID I FORGET!!! so now I will remember the next time I do another makeup application.  aghh such a face to palm moment. :/

Here is my makeup for today.  It is a Smashbox pallet that was a brown purple and blue shimmer shadow.  It was part of a Dark Skin Complexion Box awhile ago.  It came with a brown lip liner and a purple lip gloss.  I added White Eyeliner for the lashes and designs.  Teal Eyebrows using YSL.  Face: Skinbase Foundation with powder.  Then glitter liner on lips that felt sooooooo odd when it dried I ended up just putting on a dark brown lipstick at work.

My inspiration was glam vogue 80's. Hint of recent trend.

dennnn here is a new sweater I got!  It is soOo soft.  I even liked the clasp things on the front.  I wore just some black pants with it and boots.  Worked all day so I didn't really need to dress up.. sometimes I wish I could wear fun outfits to work but we require a uniform.  Its cool but not cool at the same time. 

snow queen, frost bit, cold glamor.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013