Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All Seeing Eye

The other day I modified these old shoes I had.  I just added fabric around the shoe with added charms, chains, strings, hair, and random goodness.  My concept was just to reuse most of the little things I had saved over the years so I wouldn't have boxes of crap laying around.  These are so kick ass!!  I am so glad they turned out awesome!

I hope you enjoy them!!

My outfit:
Tube tank from H&M
Altered shirt DIY by me
Shoes are Demonia size 5
Fur purse from Claire's

Acrylic paint, Chains, Charms, Skeleton Hands, Fur, Fabric.

Added Pisces Charm - My favorite Part. :) 


  1. Very cool shoes! And the best thing is that they are one of a kind :>

    1. Thank you! YEAH! thats the best part!! hehe I will be making stuff to sell too. soon :)

  2. I love it:) They look amazing:)