Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold Glamour

.. so I totally did so many awesome eye looks on clients New Years Eve at work but DIDNT TAKE ANY PHOTOS!!!! aghhh fuck that.   I looked back on it yesterday and was like NOO WHY DID I FORGET!!! so now I will remember the next time I do another makeup application.  aghh such a face to palm moment. :/

Here is my makeup for today.  It is a Smashbox pallet that was a brown purple and blue shimmer shadow.  It was part of a Dark Skin Complexion Box awhile ago.  It came with a brown lip liner and a purple lip gloss.  I added White Eyeliner for the lashes and designs.  Teal Eyebrows using YSL.  Face: Skinbase Foundation with powder.  Then glitter liner on lips that felt sooooooo odd when it dried I ended up just putting on a dark brown lipstick at work.

My inspiration was glam vogue 80's. Hint of recent trend.

dennnn here is a new sweater I got!  It is soOo soft.  I even liked the clasp things on the front.  I wore just some black pants with it and boots.  Worked all day so I didn't really need to dress up.. sometimes I wish I could wear fun outfits to work but we require a uniform.  Its cool but not cool at the same time. 

snow queen, frost bit, cold glamor.

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