Friday, January 25, 2013

IMATS LA 1.21.13

For IMATS LA 2013 I modeled for my friends project at the EI School's booth.  IMATS is pretty much a makeup convention where you are able to meet other artists and buy makeup/supplies.  They hold them in other locations too.  At first they were only exclusive to pro artists but now its open to the public.  Here is how my day went about.  I am still waiting on photos the Makeup Magazine's photographer took.   Maybe I will browse the internet for them... haha

ARRIVED!!! super early in the morning and my hair is done!!  I did it myself before we left.. up since 5AM!!!!  agh gimme coffee and energy drinks!!

These are the green contacts I got to keep.  They even match my hair!! so perf!

Dressing room AKA Bathroom... merg. Catsuit <3

EI School of Professional Makeup's Booth. 
I sat in the right hand of the stage.  Another person sat on the other side where they did their look.  For teams at the booth they had three hours to apply the prothetic on so people can watch, take photos, or ask questions about how they are doing the look.  Pretty much displaying and showing what the school teaches you.  Then once the time is up we walk around and another group sits down and starts their project. 
So much fun!  XXOO

This is one of their working table set ups.  Time to Begin!!!

I miss when my nails were like this ALL the time.  - but such an annoying expense every three weeks.

My glossy Porn boobs being prepped for the body paint.  Agh almost there~

COMPLETE!!I felt like a member from GWAR. haha This is the complete look.  All finished.  I was able to help with the costume and did my own hair.  I finally got around to wearing these platform boots again.  I should wear them more.. I feel like they are brand new again. haha

So after we were finished we walked around and took photos.

At the Lime Crime Booth there was Jeffree Star doing his makeup. I even saw Doe Deere <3

I even snagged a photo with Amy AKA Shrinkle of Sugar Pill Cosmetics.

Ended the day with some shopping bags, Hot wings and an experience that was so awesome!
I cannot wait to do something like this again

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