Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dots and Laces

  I woke up early today even though its my day off. :/ - I needed to get a ton of things done since I have to work tomorrow.  Currently I am setting up a huge sale of clothes I do not wear any more and would like to sell so I can make room in this place AND save for my trip/schooling in spring. They will be posted on eBay and I will be adding things I made to my Etsy store. :: There will be skirts, shoes, tops, and outfits :: ** EXPECT ALL READY TO BUY AND VIEW BY NEXT WEEKEND!! ** :) 

I did my makeup and had a small photo shoot.  Ate more of the stew I made and consumed PLENTY of coffee.  cleaned/organized.  Walked to the store to get water.. and meditated.

Tomorrow I work a small shift at night so I AM SLEEPING IN!! Even if I wake up early then I'm purposely falling back asleep. IM DOING IT!

I am trying not be so stressed about money but it isn't helping.  - doesn't deserve my energy!

My makeup is a smokey eye with darkest color only on the outer most corner.  False Eyelashes and light liquid eyeliner.
Dots inspired by my dreams.

 Both these dresses are gifts.  The top is a real dress and the bottom is a lingerie dress.  I love the top dress's color the most because its a soft olive green with black lace on top.  Its even gathered on the sides to accentuate my womanly curves hehe.  But the bottom one has a form fitting bra in the design that makes my boobs look yummy hahaha! so both are great in their own way!! :)

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  1. Wow, you are crazy gorgeous. Your style and your poses, true art.