Saturday, January 12, 2013

Okay it's official • no computer

I am so angry! I want to cry!

I have had my MacBook Pro since 2006.. It has been through a NyQuil incident, dents, bangs, intense rendering, photoshop, memory cards full, multiple music/photoshop programs, blah blah. And now... may it rest in peace. :'(

I am saving to go to school abroad in spring and cannot afford a new computer too! This sucks and I cannot believe it decided to break down now. Egh... Well I just wanted to let you know I won't be updating as much like I used to but ill try to do what I can from on my phone. (what I am using right now)

I know this was all bound to happen cause it is old and been through hell... Ahh well I will figure something out.

--- going to drink my coffee, eat some breakfast and get ready for work. Will probably start working crazy hours. Sorry social life | take a back seat for now | I hope it all works out :)

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