Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday - cleaning day?

Today was spent pretty much drinking coffee all day.. feeling strange filming a tutorial.. its been too long! and then me and my boyfriend rearranged our apartment.  like for reals.
  Yesterday I rearranged the bedroom to let it feel more breezy and welcoming.  Its hard because I have two doors so getting the bed in a good position is limiting.  Then after that I organized my closet.  It tends to grow a carpet of clean or worn clothing/accessories.  It felt nice sleeping in a fresh new room.  I wanted to organize the living room but it was already too late in the night.  Today we rearranged the living room so there is more space and at every angle you can be apart of whatever is going on.  I may post photos another time after we paint the walls or add curtains. haha.
Then we put together a huge cart full of Good Will junk and I put a whole bunch of items on eBay.  I didn't have time to upload everything so more will be up tomorrow.
  We just got a new computer and I felt we should have everything feel fresh and new,  so we organized and cleaned everything haha everything is different.  From the bedroom, vanity, desk set up, clutter..  Now I just need a new chair and lamp for my vanity and everything would be perfect :)
  I have a vanity set up but it has horrible lighting and a un cool chair.  I may go buy one of those fancy light up mirrors... yeah possibly.  Ill post photos of it sometime soon.  im too tired now..

Thats today.. as of 7pm.  Hopefully a movie and tacos later.  if not .. tuna salad. heh.

Video will be up soon and my items for eBay are HERE ~~~ MORE ITEMS ADDED TOMORROW!!!

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