Monday, January 7, 2013


Long sleeve dress made from a soft jersey texture.
sweater from online shop long ago
pale legs adorn with legging from last video.
Today I woke up early and started my day off well.  I listened to music and meditated, then made some coffee and began making some outfit accessories.  I will show you them tomorrow.  I am doing a photo shoot with my new creations.
  In the early afternoon me and my boyfriend went for a walk and then got pizza.  <3
When we got home we checked our mailbox and I had a large envelope for me that I wasn't expecting!  My Aunt had sent me a book on manuscript because my handwriting reminded her of the curves and styles in the book.  haha how cool I didn't know my handwriting was that neat.

Our friend came by so we watched movies and played video games.
- the end.

Here is the hand made card and book she sent.  The letter says how she got this from a friend in the 60's and so she wants me to have it like a hand me down.  so cute!! Made my day!

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